10 Ways to Reward you remote workforce

Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts, whether in public of privately. In fact, according The Society of Human Resource Management, 79% of employees say recognition makes them work harder and 78% say recognition makes them more productive and better equipped to handle change.

Today, with most of the workforce being remote due to COVID here are 10 ways you can reward your employees and have them motivated to do their best work yet!

1) Be flexible

One of the best ways you can reward you employee is by granting them autonomy and showing grace when they do things in a different manner than you might have. A lot of decision have to be made without direct supervision while working remotely and being flexible is an asset.

2) Know your Employees

Try offering a varied work schedule and allowing for non-traditional working hours. This can be a great perk. For example if you know your employee is a late raiser, why not let them start their work day at noon, stop for dinner and finish their day at 10pm. Or if they love to work early allow them to start at 6 am and finish with time to enjoy their afternoon.

3) Offer learning opportunities

A great reward is providing your employees with classes they can access for free or at a reduced cost. By giving them a variety to take part in like, cooking, meditation, or exercise in addition to professional development you can support their mental and physical wellbeing.

4) Give timely gifts

Put together virtual team building parties with prizes such as gift cards or provided necessary items such as masks and hand sanitizers with the company logo.

5) Don’t forget company swag

Everybody like a nice branded polo. Why not mail an employee a token of appreciation for a job well done. This is also a great way to give the company brand a boost!

6) Stay Connected

Celebrate the team’s success and achievement. Check in outside of regular meetings and support each other during this particularly trying time.

7) Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

When employees are recognized by their peers is raises the bar for everyone involved and helps solidify a positive company culture.

8) Make it a team effort

Incorporate virtual team building activities. Have the entire team give ideas on what would be great prizes. Make sure all member are recognized.

9) Provide a personal touch

Anything hand written and heartfelt will go a long way. In this day and age there are too many form letter thank you cards or e mail chains that don’t mean you care. Take time to make an effort that shows your team member that you see them.

10) Embrace diversity

All of your team member of unique and come from different backgrounds and cultures. Try to learn about your team and acknowledge them on holidays that are meaningful to them.











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