5 Mobile apps to help build your network

With Coronavirus I know we are staying in and working on our LinkedIn Profiles, but one of these days we will be allowed out and professional networking will help you find success.

Here are 5 smartphone apps you can use to help grow your professional network and become the super star you have always wanted to be.

SHAPR: This is like Tinder but for business networking. The app gives you a list of business professionals in you field who you may want to connect with. You can swipe left for a pass or right to meet up. If you match you can chat one on one and start building a new business relationship.

NAMEORIZE: If you have trouble remembering names you can use this app after meeting someone to help you keep notes on the individual you just met. The app will also send you reminders about all the people you met in the week to help jog your memory.

CAMCARD: This app lets you quickly scan and store business cards so that you don’t have to worry about carrying around the actual card after a meeting. This is great for conference where you can get bombarded with cards…if those happen again.

MEETUP: This is one of my faves. Also a great app if you are moving to a new city. This app brings people together of common interests. Whether you want to meet up and play sports or talk politics there is a group for you. They have tons of professional skill development groups as well such as toast masters.

BIZZABO: Are you heading to a conference and want to make sure you are not walk around with you head in the clouds? Download Bizzabo and it will let you know who else is attending and even let you chat with other attendees through the app. Make sure you are not alone at a session or meet up for drinks after a long day of learning.










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