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Back to school for grown-ups!

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No matter what our age, learning new skills and brushing up on our current skills is always a satisfying and valuable thing. And the perfect time to think of that is early autumn, when thoughts of school are in the air. Many adults carry that “back-to-school” feeling as summer winds to a close. Don’t be left out – September can be a second chance to turn over a new page and begin a fresh “new” year.

If you want to jump on that back-to-school bandwagon, ESI EAP has a wide range of learning benefits that you can explore. Just login to to check out these great educational opportunities:

  • Personal & Professional Development Trainings – Over 8,000 free online personal & professional development trainings in multiple user-friendly formats on work skills, leadership, technology, safety, and more. Try micro-learning in short bursts with video lessons of 10 minutes or less, or deeper dives on key topics in eLearning of 30+ minutes. (Training Center)

  • Career & Education Resource Center - Links to resources for Career Exploration and Planning; Finding the Right College; The Cost of College - Financial Aid and Scholarships; Vocational, Military and Other Career Resources. (Resource Centers)

  • Financial Fitness Center - Learn about money matters from budgeting to investing, and explore 200 interactive tutorials to help you get instant, unbiased answers to all your common questions about money! (Personal Finance & Education Center)

  • Personal and Professional Coaching – One-to-one telephonic sessions with professional coaches on a variety of topics for work and home life. (800-252-4555)

  • Health & Wellness Videos - Explore hundreds of videos on various health topics and medical conditions. (Webinars & Videos)

  • Monthly Webinars –View both upcoming and archived topics. Earn certificates, or take them just for the sake of learning. (Webinars & Videos)

E-Learning Popular Picks

Check out a few popular picks from our 8,000+ E-Learning courses and trainings. Simply login at, click the “Training Center” icon and choose the “New & Improved Trainings” icon. NEW! Cybersecurity Essentials for Employees | Course ID: SVL_073034 21 minute video covering 6 key cybersecurity best practices to help protect your and your

organization’s private information.

NEW! Workplace Hacks to Stay Positive and Avoid Burnout - Tips | Course

ID: SVL_1020963 - 4 minute video offering actionable ways to keep a positive, motivated

attitude and avoid being overwhelmed.

• Using Fire Extinguishers Effectively | Course ID: SVL_1026870 8 minute video safety lesson about different types of fires and fire extinguishers, and how to

use them. Useful info for work and home!


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