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CARES Act and FFCRA - What this means to you.

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Enhanced unemployment benefits, that extra $600 a week thanks to the CARES Act, has made staying home with unemployment an attractive possibility. In fact, as restrictions are lifted and companies begin to recall their employee back to the job, some employers are receiving surprising answers.

Some employees are choosing to stay home and not go back to the work force. The problem, says Lindsey White, an employment lawyer, is that you are no longer eligible for unemployment after the job has been offered to you.

The other issue to consider is that the $600 addition benefit will be completed at the end of July. White suggests this may be a rude awakening many.

For some the issue is beyond wanting to stay home, but rather what to do about child care or sick or elderly family that need cared for. For these employees there is another option, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

This law requires employers with fewer than 500 workers to offer 80 hours of paid sick leave for care-giving at two thirds the employees regular rate of pay, capped at a maximum of $200 a day or $2000 total if the employee is not able to work remotely.

Paid sick leave is also available for those individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID19, in quarantine or are caring for someone in quarantine.

The same law has expanded family and medical leave to help cover employees who are unable to work because of child care and school closures. Simply explained, the first 10 days of a 12 week leave are unpaid work days, although sick days can be used to receive full pay for part of that period. The following 10 weeks are paid at two thirds of the employee’s regular pay capped at $200 per day or $10,000 total. This is available with leave between April 1- Dec 31 2020.

Most importantly know how you are taken care of. Check out the full article for more information on the CARES Act and FFCRA to learn what you are entitled to during this difficult and uncertain time.

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