De Beers Group of Companies

De Beers Group of Companies, one of the most eminent names in the diamond industry, owned by the Oppenheimer family, specializes in diamond exploration, mining, retail, trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors.

The business was founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1888 and, since then, the group remains the world’s best diamond mining company with inimitable expertise in the mining of diamonds. In 1926, Ernest Oppenheimer was elected to join the board of De Beers Group of Companies and, till his death, he maintained the company’s global monopoly over the diamond industry.

Up until the 1800’s, diamonds were considered to be rare and would only be seen on the hand of the monarch. Furthermore, the trade of diamonds was limited to India and Brazil, however in the mid-1900’s with the exploration of diamond mines in South Africa, the markets were flooded with diamonds which negatively affected the trade bringing an overall downfall the diamond industry’s profit. During this time, it would take some creative and ingenious advertising to uplift the value and desire for diamonds – this is where De Beers Group of Companies excelled.

During the time of recession in the diamond industry, Henry, son of Ernest, visited the United States, the next big market for diamonds. Henry then met with an advertising agency in order to come up with a game plan to persuade Americans to believe that diamonds are equivalent to love. Through the use of compelling and strategic ads, men were convinced that the size of the diamond demonstrates their love for their potential fiancés. In 1947, an advertisement came out with the tagline of A Diamond is Forever, which resulted as a huge triumph that later became the motto of the company.

In 1939, De Beers Group of Companies developed the identification and classification of diamonds known as 4 C’s – a process that is used to date. De Beers Group of Companies defined the importance of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight, making it easier for marketers and customers to differentiate one diamond from another.

One of the most significant brands of De Beers Group of Companies diamonds is Forevermark, which has a history dating back to 125 years. These diamonds are not only hand-picked for their beauty and constitutes to less than 1 percent of world's diamonds, but they also include a unique laser inscription that you can later register online and discover its history.

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