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Don’t Let Your Training go To Waste

Many people during this social distancing have had to find new ways to expel our energy. Gyms are closed and classes canceled so a more solitary workout has become the norm. Running.

Why not participate in a virtual run as most planned athletic events have been canceled due to the pandemic. Virtual runs allow you to race solo from your locations by recording and reporting their results by a date specified by the event organizer.

Below find some upcoming virtual events:

Up until June 15: Saskatchewan Marathon Also includes: Half marathon, 10K, 5K

June 19 - June 21 Virtual Brooklyn Mile

Up until June 31: Grandma’s Marathon & Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon Also includes: Half marathon, 5K

June 6 - June 21: Bellin Run 10K

June 7: North Olympic Discovery Marathon Also includes: Half marathon, marathon relay

June 20 - July 5: Banff Marathon Also includes: Half marathon, 10K

July 1 - July 25: Bix 7 & QuickBix 7-Miler & 2-Mile

July 11 Quarantine Backyard Ultra Read more about the second edition of the event here.

July 20 - July 26 Wharf to Wharf Race 6 Miles

August 15 - August 23: SeaWheeze Virtual Half Marathon

August 15 - August 29: Falmouth Road Race 7-Miler

August 16: America’s Finest City Half Marathon San Diego, California (currently scheduled) Also includes: 5K

August 23: Coeur d’Alene Marathon & Half Marathon Couer D’Alene, Idaho (currently scheduled) Also includes: 10K, 5K

September 7 - September 14 Boston Marathon Registered participants will have to finish a marathon within six hours between these dates and provide proof of timing to the BAA. The medal and race shirt will be awarded to finishers of the virtual race.

September 12 - September 27: United States Air Force Marathon Dayton, Ohio (currently scheduled) Also includes: Half Marathon, 10K, & 5K