EAP Reminders

Just a quick reminder that we’ve added two great new benefit upgrades available to you and your family members. If you haven’t checked them out yet, why not do that today?

  • Lifestyle Savings Benefit – Timely for the holidays! Enjoy thousands of specially negotiated ways to shop, travel, entertain, and improve your quality of life. Explore deals, discounts, and perks from your favorite national brands. Simply login at www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP and choose the “Lifestyle Savings Benefit” icon.

  • New & Improved Trainings - We just added nearly 100 new trainings to our vast library of more than 8,000+ online E-Learning courses and trainings. Simply login at www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP, click the “Training Center” icon and choose the “New & Improved Trainings” icon.

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