Ever wonder how our sales team does it?

Each day thousands of Cruise guests make their way into the islands and peruse our stunning stores. Each store is filled top to bottom with mesmerizing pieces of jewelry and incredible rare and unique watches.

The sales staff and manager in those stores have a spectacular ability to close sales every single day, and during this time at home you too can learn some of those effective sales techniques.

Information from Basics of Effective Selling

Sales happens everywhere, from the colorful bazaars in India to the high raise skyscraper in New York City. Everyone is selling something. Although techniques and selling styles change as you move between industries and geographic location, it is important to note that sales is skill that everyone should know at least a little about.

Eventually you will find yourself in a situation where you need to know how to sell. It may not be the sale of a physical item, but perhaps you will be selling yourself at a job interview, or when making new friends, or finding a date. Understanding the sales process is essential.

Prepare for the Sale

  • Know your customer and your business

o Are you selling a product at the lowest price possible to many people, or a high end product to a more discerning guest? Understanding your business and your customers will help determine how you approach the sale.

  • Know you product

o What are you selling? Be confident about your product. Take the time to take courses, ask questions and keep note of anything you are unsure of. The customer will expect you to know the answers to their questions. Know the feature and benefits.

  • Develop leads

o How are you finding customers? Are you doing research and reaching out to them, or are they walking into your store? What marketing is taking place to grow your customer base?

  • Prepare yourself

o Look and sound the part. This means dressing professionally, understanding the industry jargon and feeling confident about your prospective sales.

Features and Benefits

  • Features are facts about products or services; they add credibility and substance to your sales pitch

  • Benefits give customers a reason to buy because they explain how your product or service improves their lives

  • To translate features into benefits, answer the question “So what?”

Rules of Competitive Selling

Here are a few basic rules of competitive selling that are followed by most professional sales people:

  1. Never sell negatively.

  2. Avoid mentioning your competition by name.

  3. When asked a question about your competition, don't mislead or lie. Instead, provide an objective response that is brief and to the point without being overly helpful.

  4. Address the differentiating features and benefits by positioning your own product in positive ways, for example, "Our gizmo has a switch that can't be easily turned off accidentally, which could be a problem if the switch were more accessible."

Listen to your customer

Many times a customer will not tell you the real reason why they are choosing not to make a particular purchase. This means, you as a sales person have to take the time to ask questions and discover the TRUE objection. It is only when the true objection is over that a sale will happen.

Ask for the Sale

The greatest miss from new salespeople is that they don’t ask for the sale. Once all the singles have been given that the customer has found what they like, be sure to ask for the sale, collect the payment method and fill out the paperwork. Finish the process.

Great sales people structure long term relationships with their clients and plan for future business. This involves follow up and assistance if there are any customer service issues, but can lead to a greater number of referrals and future sales from the same client.

Overall sales is a skill that needs to be honed and practiced, but it is never too late to begin that journey. Visit the EAP site and check out this and the many other courses offered for FREE to ALMOD employees. Maybe over this time of working from home you will also find new skills you never knew you were GREAT at!

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