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‘Goat 2 Meeting’ is making video conferencing much more enjoyable

How many times have you found yourself on a zoom meeting thinking, ‘this could have been an e mail?’

Well a Californian animal shelter has figured out a way to make those zoom meetings worth your time AND support their non-profit.

Sweet Farm Animal Shelter has been having difficulty paying their bills during lock down and has decided to take advantage of their vast array of animals with free schedules. For a small donation an animal from Sweet Farm Animal Shelter can make an appearance on you next conference call. Whether you prefer Zoom, google hang outs or Go2meeting (after which this campaign was named), you can interrupt your boss and distract your coworkers in a whole new way.

It seems companies are taking advantage of this program that launched mid-march to send invites to the children of employees so they can also enjoy the farm animals as something different to do while spending the days at home.

So the big question on everyone’s mind…will there be a farm animal on our next online meeting?

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