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Help for Covid Fatigue from our EAP


All of us are feeling the stress of dealing with the pandemic.

Our EAP has created a brochure with all the services available to help you deal with these issues. Just click on this link to view it (Covid Fatigue Relief Kit) or open the attachment to see all the help that they can provide you and your family members.

The Kit includes:

1. COVID-19 RESOURCE CENTER with hundreds of articles, videos and tools focused on help for coping skills and reducing stress.

2. ESI ONLINE TRAINING LIBRARY includes over 8000 trainings with special coronavirus trainings.

3. CERTIFIED COACHING includes stress reduction, wellness and coping skills.

4. 25,000 SELF-HELP RESOURCE CENTER with hundreds of tools, videos and articles to help with pandemic problems

5. THE ESI COUNSELING program is the most effective of any EAP with 98% satisfaction. Employees can call 24/7 for help.

Please don’t hesitate to call them if you have questions or if they can help in any way.



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