How to Reduce Indoor Humidity

So for many of you, this is a typical summer experience in Florida, BUT this is my first summer in Miami and let me tell you it is HOT and HUMID!

Inside the house we are battling with high humidity levels and have found some new tips and tricks to lower the humidity to a more comfortable level.

With everyone working from home, I thought, Why not help everyone have a more comfortable work space.

1) Use your air conditioner

Your air conditioner naturally reduces humidity as it replaces the hot humid air in your house with cooler air. Be sure the get your AC tunes up and change the air filter frequently.

2) Use your ventilation fans

When you are showering or cooking on your stove use those fans. Try keeping these ventilation fans on a little longer than you normally would. They can help reduce humidity.

3) Take Cooler Showers

Hot showers create humid air.

4) Fix leaking pipes

Be sure no moisture is being added to the air through leaking pipes or dripping faucets.

5) Keep your gutters Clean

Gutters often cause water leaks and can increase humidity inside the home. Clean your gutters and be sure your downspout is directed away from your home.

6) Dry your laundry outside

Most of us use dryers or even indoor drying racks. All those damp clothes add humidity to your air. Check your neighborhood bylaws and see if you can transfer those clothes outside to dry.

7) Get a Dehumidifier

This is the simplest and most sure fire way to get rid of moisture in the air. Dehumidifiers range in price, but remember making this purchases can save you money on your cooling bill in the long run.

8) Move your house plants

Plants are a great way to make your house feel more like a home, however they release a fair amount of moisture into the air. Try relocating your house plants to a well ventilated room or outside.

9) Use Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal briquettes aren’t just good for barbecuing anymore! They make great dehumidifiers! Place a couple bricks in a receptacle like a basket. The charcoal is very absorbent and will suck moisture from the air. They will need to be replaces every couple of months.

10) Open a window

Of course some fresh air should help with humidity, however I am not sure the person who suggested this ever lived in Miami in the summer.

Best of luck with the indoor humidity situation. The ideal indoor humidity is between 30-50% and I am still working on getting there. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!











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