Letter from Founders

To Our Loyal and Valued Customers,

Several weeks ago, the beautiful cruise ships formerly carrying thousands of happy and carefree vacationers, ceased cruising, as a direct result of the threats posed by the novel coronavirus. We at Diamonds International, closely connected to the cruise ship industry, closed every one of our stores on the islands as well as our corporate offices to do our part in preventing the spread of this awful illness

We are committed to you, our valued guests, in continuing to provide the best customer care possible during this time and going above and beyond to make sure you are cared for and satisfied. We also will strive to continue to help you celebrate your special moments with one another and commemorate those missed events with something beautiful which has been our life’s work here at Diamonds International. Please be on the lookout for more information on this in the coming weeks. We plan to relaunch an e-commerce site and provide you with a collection to browse as soon as possible, and we will implement our lifetime upgrade policy from the comfort of your own home for those of you looking to upgrade your diamonds.

The residents and economy of the Caribbean Islands rely on tourism as their main source of revenue. For over thirty years, your patronage of Diamonds International enabled us to provide wages and economic support to the local employees. Some of those employees and islands are still recovering from devastation brought upon by hurricanes. We ask for your support in this time, so that we may continue to provide the delight you have enjoyed in the past, now and far into the future; and so that we can also continue to support the islands and communities in which we reside and which you so love to visit.

During times of uncertainty and challenges, we look to find blessings and silver linings, and band together to flatten the curve and prevent the spread so we can get back to the wonderful islands, and back on the incredible vessels that take us there; to get back to the experiences which have given us so many fond and lasting memories.

It is with great pride that we can say, we know we will get through this time. We will continue to bring you the joy and excitement in the months and years to come. We will continue to provide you with the perfect diamond for you and your loved ones, and we will continue to sail.

After all, a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.


Albert, Morris and Donna Gad

Founders of Diamonds International











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