Memorandum to all Almod Employees relating to COVID-19

This Memorandum is intended to provide updates relating to employment and business developments in the faceof t he coronavirus. As we all face these difficult and unknown time, we hope to create a regular channel of communication and support so that we continue operating as an Almod family and team. We will continue to provide regular updates as more information becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please

contact Elen Davidova at edavidova@almod.com.

Information update as of May 22, 2020:

 Work from Home:

o Work from home is extended until further notice.

 Office Reopening:

o A Reopening Committee was put into place in order to plan and prepare Almod towards reopening. We will continue to provide all relevant updates to employees and communicate in a timely manner regarding offices reopening.

 Department of Labor Bulletins and Postings, Benefit Updates:

o Almod complies with the Department of Labor requirement to publicize relevant labor, employment, and job safety posters in common office spaces. In light of the office closures, these postings are available on the Almod Google Drive: click here for link

o The health insurance open enrollment period for the plan year June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021 is now available. The Open Enrollment is your opportunity to enroll, review and make changes to your health benefits. click here for link

o Transit Benefit for NY Employees – login to your portal to make the changes or confirm your July benefit status.

 General Updates:

o We launched a private webpage “Diamonds International Covid-19 Update Center” to help disseminate useful information. Website: distores.com/covid19 Password: di2020.

o Disney Springs has begun a phased reopening. Here is a link to view the details:


o As a reminder, the Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) has many resources to help employees and family members feeling overwhelmed, stressed or looking for tips on how to manage working from home and caring for children or other family members. Simply go to www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP and click on the employee and family login. Once you register or login, click on the red and white Coronavirus

(COVID-19) link.