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Memorandum to all Almod Employees relating to COVID-19

This Memorandum is intended to provide updates relating to employment and business developments in the face of the coronavirus. As we all face these difficult and unknown times, we hope to create a regular channel of communication and support so that we continue operating as an Almod family and team. We will continue to provide regular updates as more information becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elen Davidova at

Information update as of September 1, 2021:

o Work from Home:

o Work from home for most of our departments continues to remain in effect until further notice. o Office Reopening: o The COVID-19 office reopening protocols are developed and are available on the following internal website: (password di2020). These protocols are derived from the CDC and the Healthy Sail Panel (a group of globally recognized experts with diverse backgrounds, including in public health, infectious disease, biosecurity, hospitality, and maritime operations).

o Updated Covid-19 Office Policy:

o As you know our NY and FL offices are still not open and the majority of us are working remotely. As various state-mandated COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, masks are still required in all common areas of the buildings (lobby, elevators, bathrooms, etc.) regardless of vaccination status. Within our premises we would request that, whoever does come in, wear a mask to the extent that you are unable to maintain a distance of 6 ft from others regardless of vaccination status. As an organization we firmly believe in each individual having the choice, and making an informed decision about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine especially if you have chronic and/or underlying medical conditions, weakened immune systems, allergies, etc. Together with that we do encourage our employees to get the Covid-19 vaccination. Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is an important step to minimizing the risk of getting sick with the COVID-19 disease, and of getting it severely. Your health and safety continue to be our priority.

o Department of Labor Bulletins, Postings, Forms, Benefit Updates and Almod Employee Handbook:

o Almod complies with the Department of Labor requirement to publicize relevant labor, employment, and job safety posters in common office spaces. In light of the office closures, these postings, forms and the most recent Employee Handbook are available on the Almod Google Drive.

o General Updates:

o We would like to wish a happy and healthy birthday to our colleagues celebrating September birthdays: Leodanny Blanco, Chana Chriqui, Paula Conaway, Raul Muniz, Patricia Rosenthal, Jenny Tang, Jeisa Valle, Luis Valverde, Barry Wake.

o During the month of September, in observance of US and Jewish Holidays, the offices will be closed. The schedule is available on the Almod Google Drive: click here for link

o Please visit our private webpage “Diamonds International Covid-19 Update Center” where we constantly update and add new articles and resources. Website: Password: di2020.

Over 8,000 Trainings Courses and Coaching Programs are added to our Employee Assistance Program. The following is the link to a video of the BizLibrary of Trainings:

o Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training. Please expect an email in regards to taking an annual sexual harassment training on the EAP website.

o The Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) has many resources to help employees and family members who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or looking for tips on how to manage working from home and caring for children or other family members. Simply go to and click on the employee and family login. Once you register or login, click on the red and white Coronavirus (COVID19) Resource and Training Center link.


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