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Positive News Stories You May Have Missed During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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During times of fear and uncertainty, the very best elements of human nature can prevail, as is the case in these Coronavirus-related good news stories we've found from around the world, demonstrating the power of displaying care and kindness to those less fortunate or able than you in a crisis.

1. Coronavirus Cases Decline In The UK

The cases of Covid-19 in the UK have been steadily declining in the UK over the last few days, with the lowest death rate since lockdown began (55 people) announced on Tuesday. On Sunday and Monday, Northern Ireland and Scotland reported no new deaths as a result of the Coronavirus. Though it's important to note there is usually a reporting lag of numbers at the weekend - on Tuesday, the Scottish government said 7 people had died in the preceding 24 hours.

2. New Zealand Returns To Normal

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern announced at the beginning of the week that all restrictions including social distancing would now be lifted and that the nation was free of Covid-19 after no new cases for a fortnight. The country's borders remain closed.

3. Social Distancing And Camaraderie At Protests

This photo of two friends Shmuel and Ray wearing masks while greeting each other in a socially distanced manner at a march in Brooklyn, New York has since gone viral.

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