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Quarantine Dreams

I was just getting to the best part of my big on stage presentation when the curtains began to close and I would need to do the rest of the show from back stage. My team didn’t seem fazed as they began to pick up Jenga blocks back stage and encouraged me to finish strong although we now knew we weren’t presenting to anyone. The guest were all moving to the next event.

We left the back of the stage and walked down a dirt path next to a lake where kids were playing in small boats, pretending to be pirate ships and we could hear laughter of other young kids playing tag in the forest.

My team leader looked at me and said, “Looks like vacation is over. You better meet up with your unit in the playing field. And don’t forget you have your second presentation at 3pm.”


I awoke very confused. This combination Summer Camp Cruise Ship dream that included my current work colleagues didn’t make any sense. But this wasn’t the first strange dream I have had during this pandemic and likely won’t be my last.

It turns out, strange quarantine dreams are more common than I thought!

If you find yourself having some very interesting dreams over this crises, try keeping a dream journal. This will help you recall your dreams the moment you wake up. From there you can search for what those symbols in your dream might mean. Do you find yourself having a similar feeling throughout the day that was brought up in your dream? Take down notes and look for patterns.

If you are interested in learning more information about your dreams, or hearing some of the most common dream sequences happening during the pandemic, then have a listen to Today Explained, a podcast by Vox. They have an episode titles Quarantine dreams that I think you might enjoy!