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Statistics Show Employees Prefer COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements Upon Returning to Work.

Article by: Statistics Show Employees Prefer COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements Upon Returning to Work -- Occupational Health & Safety (

It’s not just businesses pushing for the COVID-19 vaccine upon return of the workplace, it’s mainly employees, according to an article. Envoy released its Return to Workplace Report, examining employees’ attitudes towards returning to the office after more than a year of working from home. The study finds the majority of employees are concerned about the health and safety risks of returning to the office. The report shows 62 percent of people support a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirement in order to show up at the office. 61 percent fear their employers may get rid of some protocols a bit too soon. Nearly half of workers say they prefer a hybrid of both in-person and remote work.

“The data shows us that employees do want to return to the workplace, but in a way that prioritizes their need for flexibility and recognizes the pandemic’s impact on the way we work now. Many employees want the power to design a workweek that works best for them, which companies can support by embracing a hybrid work model,” said Envoy founder and CEO Larry Gadea. “Supporting employees to do their best work will look different at every company—our intention is to make it easy for companies to transition back no matter what approach they choose. In any scenario, companies will need insights, strategies, and technologies that enable them to craft a workplace experience where employees can thrive.”

  • Employees remain concerned about returning to the workplace, especially some subgroups - 66 percent say they are worried to return to the workplace - Concerns are even more pronounced among people of color: 78 percent, Gen Z (under age 25) and employees at 75 percent.

  • Majority of Employees desire mandatory vaccines for all before coming back to work - 62 percent believe all of their co-workers must be fully vaccinated before coming back to work.

  • Hybrid work is a priority for many employees - 48 percent prefer hybrid work - 41 percent say they would be willing to take a job with a slightly lower salary if their company offered a hybrid work model, while 47 percent say they would likely leave their job if they did not offer it post-pandemic.

  • Employees want to return to workplaces together - 52 percent said that their co-workers’ workplace schedules will influence their own. - Friends are a stronger pull to go back to work than bosses and supervisors, 23 percent say they would work in the office to see their friends, compared to 18 percent who would go in to see their boss.


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