To Mask or Not To Mask…Is it even a question?

Information from Littler.com

Governors and public health official across the country have implemented stringent measures to help control the spread of COVID-19 in addition to stay at home orders. In many areas as businesses and public spaces begin to reopen, face coverings are to remain a mandatory uniform.

Although there are different regulations on the municipal level, the CDC has made a federal recommendation that everyone where a cloth face covering in public spaces. OSHA also recommends workers wear masks to prevent spread of the virus while at work.

Both New York and Florida have taken a step farther than the federal recommendation and have made masks a requirement.

When the face mask rule was initially put in place there were many very crafty people having a field day sewing and designing masks for themselves, their family and friends. But what about those of you who, like me, never learned how to sew, and barely even made it through arts and crafts at summer camp?

For my fellow, not so crafty folk, I have a link for you to visit. Below find a Huffpost article with 5 different DIY no sew masks you can make for yourself! No need to put yourself or others at risk!

We can’t wait to see you sporting your brand new no sew mask when the office opens again!

Huffpost No Sew Masks