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Paradise awaits at Taino Bay, this hidden gem near Puerto Plata offers a glimpse into the heart of Dominican culture and natural beauty. Taino Bay serves as a gateway to the island's rich history, stunning beaches, and adventurous excursions.

Visiting Taino Bay

Explore the beauty and culture of Taino Bay, a charming spot on the Dominican Republic's north coast near Puerto Plata. It's a great place to experience the island's history, beautiful beaches, and exciting activities. Taino Bay is also a shopper's paradise, with Diamonds International stores offering a range of luxury jewelry and watches. You can also enjoy local treats like Dominican coffee and chocolates while shopping. Whether you're looking for a unique souvenir or a timeless piece of jewelry, Taino Bay has something special for everyone.

Designer brands
Financing available
Duty free and tax free
Lifetime upgrading policy
Vast selection of Swiss made luxury timepieces
Unique shopping experience

Meet Michael Schwarzwald


I have been working in the company for 10 years, Started in Cayman Island and in the past 8 years in the Dominican Republic. Love to live life, traveling around the country, beach and party when possible.

Make Diamonds International Your Top Travel Jewelry Store

Taino Bay offers more than just stunning views; it's a haven for shopping enthusiasts, boasting Diamonds International stores that showcase an exquisite selection of luxury jewelry and watches.


Whether you seek a distinctive memento or a classic jewelry piece, Taino Bay and Diamonds International offer a curated selection sure to captivate every visitor.

Store Locations:    

  1. Diamonds International Taino Bay

     Avenida antigua vía férrea
     Esquina penetracion portuaria 
     Puerto de cruceros turísticos 
     Puerto plata, República

     Dominicana Republic  57000  

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