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4 C's of Diamonds

Honestly, if you haven’t already purchased your first diamond, then you’re definitely considering buying one! Let’s face it – it’s practically impossible not to get captivated by the sparkle of a diamond. Sure – a diamond can be described based on how sparkly it is, but what other factors determine the quality of a diamond? Read below!

4c of diamond
4 C's of diamond

A diamond’s beauty largely depends on four factors: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. Even though the 4 C’s interact and depend on each other, the Cut is considered the most important above the other Cs as it greatly impacts its radiance, beauty, and ultimately its sparkle!

Each of these four factors can be graded on a scale and can ultimately evaluate a diamond’s quality. Even though universal grading scale exists, the evaluation can vary from lab to lab. Nevertheless, the Gemological Institute of America Inc. (GIA) is recognized as the creator of the Diamond 4 C’s and is considered the word’s trusted source of unbiased assessment.

Grading of diamonds not only determine its quality but also helps differentiate two diamonds from one and another, which in turn, influences the price value. Above all, what remains important is how a diamond appears to a ‘naked eye’ and how striking it looks to the person receiving and wearing it!

Cut - Diamond’s cut majorly depends on its angles, proportions, symmetrical facets and finishing details. These factors have a direct impact on its sparkle! Too shallow or too deep cuts can reduce the sparkle so make sure to review a diamond’s cut carefully or ask for some professional assistance.

Color - Diamond’s color is graded based on its transparency or how white or colorless it seems. Diamonds usually have yellow or brown tints, but it’s hardly noticeable to the naked eye. Be sure to seek professional help if you ever have any questions!

Clarity - Diamond’s clarity is dependent on how clean it is from inclusions and blemishes – basically, the less scratches, the better! The inclusions and blemishes interfere with light diamond which negatively impact its beauty and brilliance.

Carat – A diamond’s carat weight measure how much a diamond weighs. All else being equal among two diamonds, price is positively impacted with the increase of carat weight – larger diamonds are more expensive! Please keep in mind that just because you have a bigger diamond, the sparkle depends heavily on the cut!

So, when you decide to shop for your first, second – or let’s face it, tenth diamond, don’t forget to consider the 4 C’s. You’re welcome!


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