Essentially Fabulous—Your Diamond Jewelry Must-Haves

The great thing about collecting jewelry is that you get to collect what you like, when you want. Of course, there are always fabulous new items right around the corner, so will we ever complete our collection? I think not. No matter what you’re eyeing with new pieces, however, we need to discuss the basics: the essential diamonds that are the foundation of every woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

Crown of Light Diamond

First Things First

Let’s start with the ears. Could anything be more essential than a good pair of diamond stud earrings? Goes with everything, day or night. You’ll never tire of a gorgeous pair of diamond studs. And we think they’re destined to be your go-to jewelry item. When it comes to diamond studs – the bigger the better! And because studs are on the ear and won’t be scrutinized the same way as your diamond engagement ring, you can go down a teensy-bit in the clarity or color grade and opt for the biggest carat size you can afford. All good!

There are a couple more items you’ll want to add to your essential jewelry wardrobe after you get your diamond studs. A good strand of pearls will take you through every stage of your life and can be worn with ripped jeans or a full-length evening gown—your call! And they will always look right on the money. If you don’t have any of these items, Diamonds International is the perfect place to start—they have it all at prices to amaze you.

Keep Going, You’re Doing Great

Tennis anyone? A sparkly diamond tennis bracelet is always a good idea. Your arm gestures look dazzling as it radiates and glistens from your wrist. And a right-hand ring? We like to say the timeless design of an infinity ring is just the right go-to accessory for any occasion –casual to formal. Hip—but not trendy, an infinity ring travels your life journey in style.

Pendants are a must-have. No matter what neckline your outfit has, your diamond pendant gives off just the right sparkle to draw attention to your neckline and of course your beautiful face. You like that, don’t you?

With this basic list in hand, allow the friendly professionals at Diamonds International to help you put together a foundation jewelry wardrobe. They’ve got ideas to help you establish the diamond essentials that will go from office to red carpet and other fun places along the way.

Now Take Off from Here

Now that you know the basics—make sure you have all these pieces in your jewel box. You’ll be surprised how often you grab those items to finish your look. But you’re not done. From these essentials you can add all the fun pieces you’ll ever want. Because some days you want to look chic, somedays romantic—and some days like the edgy soul we know you are.

Not sure about what piece to get first? That’s where Diamonds International comes in. They’ll discuss your lifestyle, and your budget to get you started in the right direction . . . . oh, this is going to be fun!


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