Why do we wear wedding rings on our left-hand?

Have you ever why we wear wedding bands on the third finger of your left hand? Why do women habitually present their left hand when their fiancé proposes?

Crown of light
Crown of Light ring

Is it because you’ve seen couples around you, including your parents, wear their wedding rings on their left hands? Although this may be the acceptable norm, we’re sure you’re still thinking of the actual reason why we wear wedding rings on your left hand as opposed to your right – or even on your pinky!

Wearing wedding rings on your left-hand is a custom adopted through ancient history - just like most wedding traditions. The origin of this tradition dates to thousands of years ago when Greeks and Romans believed that only one vein on the third finger of the left-hand leads, directly to the heart. Because of this belief, they called this specific vein ‘vena amoris’ or vein of love. So, in short, by wearing your wedding ring on this specific finger and hand, you are announcing that your spouse is the closes one to your heart! Interestingly enough, this tradition remains extremely influential despite scientists having pronounced this as a myth.

A more practical reason of ‘wearing the wedding band on your left hand’ is that most people are right-handed – therefore the use of the left-hand is minimal and allows for more comfort and protection of the ring.

Isn’t this an adorable representation of the ultimate connection between two lovers? We think so!

As surprising as it may sound, people from other countries wear their wedding and/or engagement rings on their right hands. Surprised, huh? People from Spain, Germany, Peru, Austria, Poland, and so many other places, wear their wedding bands on their right-hand because they believe that the right-hand is the more dominant one thus symbolizing the strength of commitment between the husband and wife.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which hand or finger you prefer to wear your wedding ring - as long as the eternal love remains! Nothing else matters, right?

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